Partner companies

All Glass Group

All Glass S.r.L.
Head office of the group, nowadays All Glass S.r.l. is recognized as a worldwide leader for the supply of conveying lines and palletizers in the cold-end area of the glassworks industry and for the production of multisector packaging installations. All Glass S.r.l. is also highly specialized in the production of palletizing systems and air conveyors for empty PET bottles, relying on a dedicated advanced high-tech unit. Sales department of whole group has the headquarters at All Glass S.r.l., having the function of coordinating with Customers in order to design and to prepare the technical and economical proposals for to the different projects.

ESSETI Servizi Tecnici S.r.L.
Esseti Servizi Tecnici S.r.l. dedicates to the production of end-of-line packaging systems with specific application to palletizers for bags, packs and cartons. Counting on more than 1200 machines installed all over the world, and thanks to the technical staff coming from Taro Packaging company, Esseti Servizi Tecnici S.r.l. puts at Customers’ disposal a consolidated experience and an advanced know-how. Relying on the organization and the after-sales assistance network of All Glass Group, Esseti Servizi Tecnici S.r.l. is the ideal partner for any kind of end-of-line palletizing system.


AG.COM S.r.l. is specialized in the international trading of glass moulds and generic packaging components. The AG.COM S.r.l. has also the task to comply with the bureaucratic practices, even the most difficult, relevant to the custom procedures of the export countries.

Tecnoservizi S.r.l. is the division dedicated to the quality control of valuable containers by means of complete re-work lines assembled for Clients mainly from glassworks industry. Tecnoservizi S.r.l. commits to achieve the highest quality for the products in different sectors like pharmaceutical industry and food industry thanks to vanguard services such as a modern clean room. Automatic lines of advanced technology are installed for the control, the re-work and the packaging of glass containers and general products requiring this kind of second manufacture. Tecnoservizi S.r.l. obtained the Quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification.