Robot onto rails: the most advanced innovation in end-of-line palletization

- 31/05/2011

It's from All Glass the most advanced solution in the field of the end-of-line palletization: robots sliding onto rails. Recently one of the biggest multinational tobacco industry assigned us to the project of the whole palletizing plant of cigars' cardboard boxes coming from all the ten production lines thanks to our unique technical proposal compared with the traditional machinery proposed by our competition: palletizing by means of two robots only sliding onto railsFrom the real beginning this idea, taken from the automotive industry, met the confidence of our Customer because of the maximum reliability and efficiency and the lower consumption of power and compressed air in comparison with the classic solution of a single palletizer for each line. Our system detects the different formats and products upstream by bar code reader and, according to the reading, feeds each case to the relevant palletizing bay among the ten bays operating at the same time simultaneously, one for each different product. The practical execution has kept the promises and confirmed the real expectations assuring a high level of satisfaction also in virtue of the fact that the system works continuously without the presence of operator. For more information please contact us to the address