After-sales assistance

The guideline: never leave alone our Client


Customer’s fidelity and satisfaction were reached giving the maximum importance to the after-sales assistance.
One of the key factors of the continuous growth is the vocation of all the operating team to provide a timely and qualified Customer Service.
The long experience in the glassworks industry, where machines must work 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, represented and represents an incomparable training ground for the reliability and the excellence of our after-sales assistance at all levels: installation and start-up of the systems; ordinary and extraordinary maintenance; timely management of possible emergencies; fast delivery of spare parts.
The group counts on a central pole of Service with availability of highly qualified mechanical and electronic engineers. Customer Service is then complete of a few decentered departments in strategic areas like Russia, Mexico, U.S.A and Australia, where local competent technicians assure adeguate interventions.
If you need assistance by our Customer Service please contact us at