Quality control and final commissioning: production cycle


All Glass is constantly careful to the continuous innovations coming from the market of the large-scale retail trade and to the high level of technology and automatization demanded for the packaging and palletizing systems.
In order to comply with the specific requirements of each Customer, our company takes advantage of a rigorous process of quality control.
Every single phase of the internal production is submitted to a strict monitoring and all the sub-supply components are checked before the assembling.
Before authorizing the shipment all the handling systems are tested by a detailed internal commissioning attesting that the performances and the components correspond to the technical specifications agreed with the Client.
In this way the optimization of the time for installation and commissing at Customer plant is guaranteed.
In a few words, total control for total quality.


The team spirit


The quality of our products and Customer Service allowed to assert ourselves definitively as reliable partner for packaging systems worldwide.
Our vocation to the global market is evidenced by the percentage of references, about 90%, delivered to foreign countries every year and by Customers coming from all the continents.
The basis of this international success are the care and the dedication of people working in the group.
The team spirit is the winning card played since always in order to face the continuous challenges and innovations proposed by the global market.
Periodical training sessions are arranged in order to develop the quality, the expertise and the professionalism of human resources, so as that Customers are sure to count on competent interlocutors capable to understand their needs. Specific symposia to present new technological innovations are planned for Clients, so as the range of global handling solutions goes together with our Customers’ partnership.
All Glass: quality, reliability and team spirit.