Cartesian PET bottle palletizer

Cartesian palletizer for empty PET and HDPE bottles with steady pallet and low level infeed

MODEL: “A.PL.201.X”
PRODUCTION: 2÷12 cycles/minute depending on product stability



  • Bottles infeed by slat chain conveyor
  • No layer formation table
  • Bottles transfer system pick & place type
  • Direct bottles transfer from infeed conveyor onto pallet without intermediate layer formation table
  • Independent mobile centering device for perfect positioning of empty pallet, interlayer pad and layer of bottles



  • Suitable for low speed lines
  • Zeroing of risks of bottles’ falls during palletizing operation thanks to no layer formation table
  • Maximum accessibility to palletizing area for frequent change over operations
  • Maximum lay-out flexibility
  • Functioning without operator
  • Optimization of change over time
  • Long-term reliable performances
  • Possibility to install multifuncional palletizing device to handle both containers and packing materials (empty pallet, interlayer pads, top frames)


  • Automatic or semi-automatic version
  • Pick & place bottles transfer system by inflatable pipes or pneumatic grippers



  • Tray former
  • Tray magazine with manual or automatic feeding from tray former
  • Automatic system to deposit interlayer pads, trays or reverse trays, top frames