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FOCUS ON: Palletizer “DYNAMOS” for shrink wrapped packs
– 01/01/2013
Remarkable it has been the appreciation of bottling world about Last Generation’s palletizer for carton cases and shrink wrapped packs model “Dynamos”. The advanced solution of our dynamic layer preforming section guarantees the optimization of the cycle times thus like the maximum stability and precision of the full finished pallet. The recent references achieved in beverage and food industries attest the extreme flexibility and reliability of this innovative All Glass palletizer.



Robot onto rails: the most advanced innovation in end-of-line palletization
– 31/05/2011

It’s from All Glass the most advanced solution in the field of the end-of-line palletization: robots sliding onto rails. Recently one of the biggest multinational tobacco industry assigned us to the project of the whole palletizing plant of cigars’ cardboard boxes coming from all the ten production lines thanks to our unique technical proposal compared with the traditional machinery proposed by our competition: palletizing by means of two robots only sliding onto rails. From the real beginning this idea, taken from the automotive industry, met the confidence of our Customer because of the maximum reliability and efficiency and the lower consumption of power and compressed air in comparison with the classic solution of a single palletizer for each line. Our system detects the different formats and products upstream by a bar code reader and, according to the reading, feeds each case to the relevant palletizing bay among the ten bays operating at the same time simultaneously, one for each different product. The practical execution has kept the promises and confirmed the real expectations assuring a high level of satisfaction also in virtue of the fact that the system works continuously without the presence of operator.



Robot palletizer for large capacity PET bottles
– 28/05/2011

Research and innovation are at the base of new All Glass robot palletizing system for filled large capacity PET bottles (4lt – 20lt). A series of advanced and specific solutions properly designed by our technical team ensures the highest stability of the palletized product during all handling and conveying operations up to the final pallet stretch wrapping. Positive market feedback has been immediate thanks to important references already installed on field successfully.



Line for soya sauce by All Glass
Commissioned an All Glass a line for soya sauce in Russia.

– 15/09/2010
The great experience of All Glass Engineering Department in beverage industry and in complete cold-end lines for glassworks industry got positive result in the successful installation of a complete production and packaging soya sauce line at 9.000 BPH for 200ml, 250ml and 300ml glass bottle sizes at the new plant of a well-known brand close to Moskow. All Glass supply begins at the filler outlet and comes to the end at the end-of-line palletizing station and, besides all the conveyors between the different machines, it includes the integration of a capper for plastic screw caps, a labeller for self-adhesive labels and a film shrink wrapper.



All Glass land to Oceania
Installed the first All Glass end-of-line handling system in Australia

– 20/08/2010
Thanks to the strategical plan of consolidation and expansion into foreign markets, which nowadays represent more than 90% of our turnover, and thanks to an important local collaboration to ensure the on-site assistance, All Glass opened the frontier of the land of Wallabies with the successful supply of an end-of-line handling system for one of the most prestigious Australian wineries. The palletizing plant for cardboard boxes of wine bottles was completed by a pallet stretch wrapper and full pallet conveyors to transfer the finished product to the warehouse.



Low-energy absorption conveying line
Commissioned the first low energy absorption conveying line (cold-end) in glassworks industry.

– 08/09/2009

Making own the environment policy All Glass is proud to announce of being the first company to realize a complete low-energy-absorption bottle conveying line (cold-end) in glassworks industry. All Glass has been able to conjugate the increase of the efficiency with the reduction of the environmental impact by means of motorizations and electronic control devices of last generation.



New end-of-line palletizers for bags
Delivered two new end-of-line palletizers for the coffee industry from our production unit at Noceto (Parma).


Two new end-of-line palletizers handling 50 kg bags of coffee grains have been commissioned and shipped from our production unit Esseti Servizi Tecnici Srl in Noceto (Parma). The first palletizer is a low level infeed type while the second one is a robot type. Both systems are complete of the bags feeding line, of the empty and full pallet conveyors, and of pallet stretch wrapper with hollow film. They have been moreover installed accessories like the applicator of a paper sheet on the empty pallet and load cells to weigh palletrs.



“Compact” Gantry Palletizer
– 10/08/2009

The new “Compact” configuration of the gantry palletizer minimizes the machine’s footprint. The optimization of the occupied space allows the installation of complex systems in a reduced area. The appreciation of Customers for this new flexible solution proposed by All Glass has been so remarkable that it has already found reply in several important references.

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